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Fill 'er Up!

I NEED some EXTRA HAPPY! Don’t you? Smiles, Laughs, Dancing, Singing, Eating Cool Food, Going Interesting Places, Discovering Cool Things, Lots of Red Lipstick.....Happy Thoughts, Words of Encouragement. Anything and Everything Positive and HAPPY!

Because….. WHEW! IT'S BEEN TOUGH watching the news lately with all the Shootings, Protests, Finger-Pointing. It’s pretty OVERWHELMING….in a very Negative Way.

But, I believe one of the best ways to counter all of this Negativity is with POSITIVITY. I learned this strategy when I was a Street Reporter. I witnessed some unspeakable violence. One day after covering a particularly horrible news story, my mind just had ENOUGH! That terrible picture kept replaying in my mind. I couldn’t stop crying, and was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. The doctor explained to me that the more good things I put into my mind, I could eventually crwod out that negative picture until it had no more room in my mind.

I started writing poems, listening to music, dancing, doing artwork, and walking, and other things that eventually filled my mind with HAPPINESS - POSITIVITY.

So, that's my strategy now - to counteract all of this negativity - I'm FILLING UP on all the HAPPINESS I can. It's a strategy. I have GREAT things in store.



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Lauren Hudson


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