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Speaking with Power

Lauren Hudson is no ordinary Speaker.

 She is an Emmy-award winning Television News Reporter, Author, and Cancer Survivor.  Her energy and enthusiasm are  contagious as she encourages people to grow through challenges; take life on; and find

Happiness in the midst of it all.  When Lauren speaks,

audiences listen, learn, and enjoy!

Lauren shares high-content, high-value, high-energy presentations based on the countless news stories she has covered, and people she has interviewed; U.S. Presidents, Astronauts, Olympians, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and other Top Achievers.  She combines this with her own life  lessons from bankruptcy to breast cancer and  beyond; from which she has developed an indomitable spirit, along with powerful and innovative ideas for harnessing human potential and sparking transformation.  Lauren truly is refreshingly unique. Her humor, stories, and rare "tell-it-like-it-is" style create a memorable experience every time.

Lauren Hudson


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