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What Makes You Happy?

I stopped at 21.....but once I started....I could have kept going and going.

For some reason, I was having a blah morning. Have you ever had one of those? So I decided I better nip that in the bud real fast. I gave myself 10 minutes to list some things that make me Happy. It's in no particular order.

I like baking cookies chocolate cookies with my family and eating as many as I want.

I like the feel of sand under my feet and waves lapping against my legs as I look for shells.

I like when I coach someone and there’s that click when you know they ‘get it.’

I like the concentration it takes when I’m coloring within the lines.

I like looking at paintings and drifting into the world inside the colors.

I like walking around the neighborhood discovering something new each time.

I like the sound of the crack of dawn.

I like watching romantic movie marathons on a lazy Sunday afternoon

I like being surrounded by pillows.

I like to sing to myself as I walk down the aisle of the grocery store and watch other people smile

I like looking at pictures of my parents and remembering all of my childhood fun.

I like watching a little baby watching me and wondering what’s on their mind.

I like the smell of a flower shop with the wonderful combination of aromas.

I like how red lipstick makes my Smile ‘pop.’

I like speaking to strangers and being able to say something that brightens their day.

I like doing “The Cupid Shuffle.”

I like throwing parties for people and watching them have fun.

I like taste of eating freshly popped popcorn at the movies.

I like sending cards to friends to let them know I was just thinking about them.

I like the excitement of finding a card in the mail from a friend who was just thinking about me.

I like singing and dancing in the car when one of my favorite songs comes on the radio.


(Lauren Hudson is an Emmy Award-winning Reporter, Author, Speaker, Presentation Coach and proud Cancer Survivor. She’s the founder of The International Happiness Network and is known as “The Happiness Princess.” For Books, CD’s and more, visit: )

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