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The Number One Bus

The Number One bus. I always knew I could get back home from downtown when I took The Number One.

When I was growing up in Chicago, my mother used to take us downtown and back on The Number One bus. When I got a little older, I’d ride by myself to piano lessons or to have lunch with my father at his job. Back then, life was simpler and safer, and parents allowed their children to ride the bus as early as 11 years old. Besides, I always knew I could get back home by riding The Number One.

I haven’t been back to Chicago since my father died six years ago. It’s like I lost my way home. Quite honestly, it’s felt like I don’t even have a home anymore,not that kind of home that I had back in the “Good Ol’ Days when my father and my mother were around.

But, I’ve finally decided I’m ready! I’m ready to go back home …at least to visit. I’ve been invited to a big reunion of the people who attended our neighborhood YMCA camp back in the day. Wow. Some of these people I haven’t seen since elementary school. I’m going to walk the streets I used to walk, see some of the stores and houses I used to see. I might even see a Number One Bus. I don’t think I’ll ride it though. I want new memories. Then again …….

(Stay tuned……I’ll let you know how my “going back home” visit turns out).

What’s a childhood memory that really sticks out in your mind?

(Lauren Hudson is an Emmy Award-winning Reporter, Author, Speaker, Presentation Coach and proud Cancer Survivor. She’s the founder of The International Happiness Network and is known as “The Happiness Princess.” For Books, CD’s and more, visit: )

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